searcch-importer documentation

searcch-importer ( is a tool that imports cybersecurity software metadata, analyzes artifact source files to extract more metadata, and exports curated artifact information to the SEARCCH hub—a cybersecurity artifact index. An artifact is a research product—a codebase, a data set, a publication, a set of experiments, etc. The goal of the SEARCCH project is to provide a powerful index of cybersecurity artifacts.

The searcch-importer is intended to function both in standalone mode (e.g. on a contributor’s local machine), or within the SEARCCH portal. This documentation focuses on running the searcch-importer in standalone mode.

Currently, the searcch-importer can import from Github and Zenodo, and can export to a flattened JSON document. (Eventually it will export to the SEARCCH Hub as well.)

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